Club Rules
MPTC is a member owned and operated facility.  Failure to comply with membership rules may result in a revocation of membership by the Board of Directors. 

The lifeguards primary responsibility is the safety of swimmers in the pool.

All members are required to follow the instructions of the lifeguards at all times.  If any member has any issues they should be addressed to the MPTC staff or Board.

General Club Rules:
  • All memberships must be paid in full prior to facility use
  • All members must fill out an updated membership form for 2018
  • Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult
    • Any child age 12 and over must have a 12 & Over Agreement filled out and on file at the front desk.  Children without a signed agreement will not be allowed to stay at the club alone.
  • Members are required to  sign in and out each day
  • Guest fees are $8 for an adult or child and $20 for a family
    • All guest fees must be paid the day of the visit
    • All guests must be accompanied by a member
    • No guests are allowed more the 3 visits per summer 
  • Members must park in the parking lot.  Members are allowed to pull cars up to the back gate to load and unload, however cars must be moved to the parking lot for the duration of the member’s visit.

Pool/ Pool Deck:

  • No running on the pool deck (cement area)
  • Squirt guns are allowed on the grass only (not on the deck, pool, or clubhouse)
  • No baseball/wiffleball is allowed inside the fenced in area.  All games must take place in the field.
  • Lap lanes are for lap swimmers ONLY.  No jumping or swimming through lanes is allowed.  
  • No jumping from the starting blocks.
  • Floats and tubes are allowed in the pool at the lifeguards’ discretion.  If the pool is busy, large tubes will not be allowed.
  • All non-swimmers must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • No diving into the shallow end
  • No horseplay in and around the pool is allowed
  • Children under the age of 10 are not allowed in the kiddie pool area unless accompanied by an adult.  There is no lifeguard on duty in the kiddie pool.
  • No regular diapers are allowed.  All children must have a “swimmie” diaper on
  • All swimmers must rinse off after using the sandbox before entering the pools.

  • It is the responsibility of the members to make sure that they clean up these areas after use.
  • Members must clean the grill, utensils, microwave, and sink when finished.
  • Members are required to turn gas off after use of the grills.
  • Members are allowed use the member refrigerator in the kitchen.  All food and drink must be removed daily.   
  • All empty pizza boxes should be brought directly to the dumpster or placed neatly underneath the microwaves.
  • No ice cream is allowed inside the clubhouse
  • All swimmers must dry off before entering the building.  No wet bathing suits are allowed on the couches.

Tennis Courts:
  • Sneakers only are allowed.  No bare feet, sandals, etc allowed.
  • All children must be supervised
  • Members must sweep and line the courts when finished
  • Tennis courts will be locked at all times.  If interested in use, please see a staff member for the key.  Courts must be locked when finished.
  • Courts will not be opened immediately after rain.  The clay needs to dry and to be maintained after rainstorms prior to use.

  • The pavilion area can be reserved for party use
  • A reservation form is required in order to reserve the area.  A $25 reservation fee is also required
  • Fees for parties are the standard guest fees.  The $25 reservation fee will be applied towards guest fees.
  • After Hours parties are allowed, however they are subject to an additional $25 per hour.  
    • Parties are not allowed after 11 pm on Friday or Saturdays.
    • Please respect our neighbors and refrain from loud music at after hours parties.
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